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Worldwide Fixed Income Offering Documentation Database

Save time spent retrieving bond prospectuses and offering circulars

Have confidence in the accuracy of your securities reference data. Furthermore save precious time spent retrieving fixed income offering documents including bond prospectuses and offering circulars from multiple sources.

Now you can access fixed income offering documentation quickly

Until now getting gathering fixed income offering documentation has been consuming and frustrating with research and collection difficult.

With the Fixed Income Documenter you can gain access to our huge library of fixed income offering documentation quickly via a simple web-based application.

Over 150,000 fixed income offering documents at your fingertips

Get access to a bond prospectuses database containing over 150,000 documents on global instruments in the form of:

  • Offering circulars
  • Bond prospectuses
  • Pricing supplements
  • Term sheets

Know that the database continually grows as our research team tracks missing documents and newly issued ones.

Easily search and retrieve fixed income offering documentation

Locate critical fixed income offering documents for retrieval using ISIN, US Code, SEDOLTM or Symbol as well as via Issuer Name and EDI's internal SecID or IssID numbering system.

In addition, filter searches using a combination of country of incorporation, exchange, currency, bond type, issue date or maturity date or using a specified time frame, ideal in the case of new issuance.

Use the portfolio checker to quickly find out whether documents are available for your portfolio.

Finally, submit a request for documents missing from the database. Our research team investigates and reports back the location of missing documents. If a document is unavailable it will provide valid reasons why (e.g. private placement).

Have fixed income offering documentation delivered to you simply

Download documents either from the web-browser or have them pushed in bulk to a FTP account.

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