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Exchange Data International - Partners

Data In Harmony (DIH) helps market participants (e.g. buy side, sell side, service providers, exchanges, regulators, academics) fix the tedious, annoying problems that everyone faces when working with big data. If you need help making data ready for use, or have missing or inaccurate Reference Data, Corporate Actions or Closing Prices, DIH can help! Our data experts can help you source, ingest, and make data ready for use while freeing up your internal resources for other projects. We integrate data sets, validate & clean data, and more.

Directors Deals is a specialist global market data company which monitors and analyses share transactions made by directors in the shares of their own company.

Monitoring 40,000 companies' share transactions in 56 countries globally, their analysts are dedicated to processing the specialist data in a consistent and timely manner.

The European DataWarehouse (ED) is the first central data warehouse in Europe for collecting, validating and making available for download detailed, standardised and asset class specific loan level data (LLD) for Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) transactions. Developed, owned and operated by the market, ED helps to facilitate risk assessment and to improve transparency standards for European ABS deals.

Financial Information Incorporated is the premier supplier of financial information to the securities industry.

Financial Information Incorporated provides American and Canadian banks, brokerage firms, mutual funds and money managers with fast, accurate, reliable information on bonds, warrants and corporate actions.

Findataportal Inc. is a new financial data portal launched in November 2008. It is owned by Information Publishing Plc which also owns Exchange Data International Limited.

Findataportal aims to host many different financial data providers on its website often with competitive offerings in order to give its users a wide array of choice. Instead of hefty annual charges there will be a low minimum fee and users will be charged per hit. Findataportal is a product for these challenging financial times.

JustData provide quality, reliable end-of-day price data from over 100 World exchanges.

Data is downloaded to your PC via Justdata's superior downloading software - 'BodhiGold'. Data is suitable for all popular charting/analysing software such as Metastock, Omnitrader, Amibroker, SuperCharts and many more.

Millistream is a provider of market data specialized in feed and web solutions. The company was founded in 2008 and has a management team of people with long experience from the market data industry.

Millistream’s data feed solutions are based on the Millistream Engine, a modern platform developed for extremely high scalability and performance.

Millistream offers real-time and historical data from exchanges and OTC markets together with news, company information, fundamental data and corporate actions.

Millistream combines solid market experience and knowledge with innovation, openness and flexibility.

Customers of Millistream are banks, brokers, media and other companies in the financial sector.

StatPro is a global provider of portfolio analytics for the investment community.

Our cloud-based services provide vital analysis of portfolio performance, attribution and risk for hundreds of fund managers, administrators, CEOs, heads of risk, sales directors, marketing managers and authorised corporate directors. They are now using our cloud services and software products to perform sophisticated analyses, reporting and distribution every day.

With 18 years of experience and expertise, we believe analytics should be sophisticated yet simple and useful as well as secure. StatPro data coverage includes global equities, global bonds, global mutual funds, most families of benchmarks, FX rates, sector classifications and much else besides.

ACTIV Financial Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of market data content and technologies to market makers, hedge funds, brokers and trading systems.

Derivative Partners is a leading provider of independent risk management and valuation services for structured products. They provide valuations for a wide range of structured products and complex derivative instruments. The current service covers result sets combining various asset classes (like equity, indices, FX and commodities), payoffs and pricing models. Zurich based Derivative Partners operates a scalable architecture with a flexible approach for integrating new payoffs and pricing models.

Global Claims Filing Limited ('GCF') is a leading provider of securities class action research and claims filing services.

The GCF solution covers a comprehensive range of services to help institutions meet their fiduciary responsibilities to their investors. Global Claims Filing service represents a proven and functionally rich solution to provide financial institutions with a fully integrated and automated securities class action service that can ensure their recovery in all settlements are maximised and in-house resources are minimised.

Noetic Partners is a team of data management and data engineering experts. We advise and consult our clients, provide frank assessments of data and information management requirements, and develop effective data strategies to improve financial and operational performance. We develop technology and operational solutions that are designed to streamline the management client and product data, simplify transaction processing, and improve analytics. We developed the Noetic Master Model to help our clients unlock the value of their data, and today more than $2 Trillion in financial assets are managed on the Noetic Master Model. Founded in 2008, with offices in New York City and in Washington D.C., our clients are based in the North and Central America, Europe and the Middle East.

Relative Markets provides quantitative products and services for managing, measuring and monitoring financial portfolios. Relative Risk® is a risk-management system (RMS), which enables clients to model risk and monitor risk exposures. Relative Markets believes that the financial markets are segmented, and require different models at different levels. Multilevel integrated risk models are built with a multilevel-integrated statistical factor approach for global equities and over 150 currencies. This approach allows finer granularity with increased depth for modelling the structural relationships both within and across market segments.

Securities Quote Exchange (SQX) provides investment managers with a quick and efficient solution for gathering dealer quotes. SQX entered the end-of-day hard–to-price data transfer business in 2001 and has since then worked as an independent agent for investment managers in gathering quotes from a network of 300+ dealers providing an objective service for regulatory and audit purposes.

Share Data Ltd. is proficient in valuation on all global quoted securities and constantly develops a comprehensive suite of services which includes researching old certificates, providing incorporation details on the global market and the identification and recovery of assets from overseas.

Spearhead and Partners Ltd. are outsourcing and market data practitioners who provide a comprehensive range of market data support services.

1View Solutions Ltd. provides the software platform (1View) which is used by Ref-data.com.

1View is generic data management software that gives flexibility and control to Business users because it has automated the processes that have previously required coding & development. 1View works with transactional or reference data and offers large businesses a real opportunity to rapidly deliver transformational solutions and radically improve unit processing costs.

Atlantex Group is a specialty financial-data firm with redundant data centers across the United States and representation across the globe.

Their mission is to help clients create and refine their data model, supplement their trading strategies with analytics that rationalize the trading workflow and be the preferred partner for strategic and tactical solutions on the road of achieving best execution.

Asset Control is a leading provider of Centralized Data Management to financial industry firms.

Asset Control's technology supports the entire life cycle of data management including sourcing, cleansing, enrichment, storage, distribution, applications and research services.

Fidelity ActionsXchange is a leading provider of corporate action processing solutions.

The fact that we specialise is an important one. It allows us to dedicate our resources to keeping up to date with the ever evolving practices within the corporate actions market.

Our solution 'Atlas Corporate Actions' is the most recently developed system on the market making it the solution of choice for small to mid-size financial institutions.

Greenwich Technology provides real-time data analytics and end-of-day evaluated pricing services to the fixed income and derivative markets.

Originally developed for large hedge funds, the current client base includes bank trading desks, buy-side portfolio managers and industry utilities that require valuations, risk measures and trading strategy analysis across global sovereign credit, corporate credit, structured products, derivatives and more.

Greenwich Technology also uses this software internally to calculate derived content, including yield curves, volatility surfaces, instrument prices and more to support SEF’s, and other users of market data.

Finnexus Solutions is a software provider that is specifically dedicated to providing solutions in the corporate actions field.

The fact that we specialise is an important one. It allows us to dedicate our resources to keeping up to date with the ever evolving practices within the corporate actions market. Our solution 'Atlas Corporate Actions' is the most recently developed system on the market making it the solution of choice for small to mid-size financial institutions.

Information Mosaic is a trusted global provider of advanced post-trade automation solutions to the securities and investment services industry, including custody, asset servicing, private wealth management, asset management and investment banking.

The company is a recognized market leader for corporate actions automation, winning multiple awards for best corporate actions solution and achieving record scores in independent benchmark tests. Founded in 1997, Information Mosaic currently supports the post-trade operations of over 60 financial institutions worldwide. The company has a proven track record of helping financial institutions transform post-trade operations, enabling them to enter new markets, improve customer service and reduce the risk and cost associated with volume and complex processing. The company supports its global customer base from offices in Dublin, London, Luxembourg, New Delhi, Singapore, Melbourne and New York.

Joss Technology provides the only comprehensive suite of tools and solutions for effective entity data management. Our innovative platform was created in response to the increased focus on regulatory compliance, risk management, and operational efficiency. We enable financial firms to build and maintain a complete and accurate picture of all the entities they interact with and are exposed to. Entities can be clients, counterparties, custodians or issuers.

Used by some of the world’s largest hedge funds and asset managers, MoneyWare™ FundWare from Miles Software delivers comprehensive, fast, integrated compliance monitoring across all assets, markets and locations. Comprehensive derivatives functionality, integrated rules libraries, data feeds and availability as a Cloud solution enables rapid change to meet new regulatory and reporting requirements.

Quantal International Inc. offers a suite of advanced portfolio management products to meet the needs of clients from the investment management industry, together with highly effective on-going customer support and consulting services.

SciComp Inc. is a recognized leader in derivatives pricing software.

SciComp is the developer of SciFinance, a financial compiler for generating C, C++ or CUDA pricing model source code from concise, high-level model specifications. SciComp's global customer base includes investment banks, money center banks, asset managers, insurance companies, hedge funds and service providers. Derivatives instruments supported include equity derivatives, convertible bonds, cross currency/interest rate derivatives, commodity/energy derivatives, FX products, credit derivatives and cross asset structures.

SmartStream is a recognised leader in financial transaction management software that enables firms to overcome critical transaction processing issues through increased automation.

SciComp is the developer of SciFinance, a financial compiler for generating C, C++ or CUDA pricing model source code from concise, high-level model specifications. SciComp's global customer base includes investment banks, money center banks, asset managers, insurance companies, hedge funds and service providers. Derivatives instruments supported include equity derivatives, convertible bonds, cross currency/interest rate derivatives, commodity/energy derivatives, FX products, credit derivatives and cross asset structures.

Suvip Solutions is a global consultancy with proven track record in providing turnkey solutions to integrate businesses, workflows and Technology for financial services industry.

Based out of New York (USA), Suvip offers a portfolio of products for Capital Markets. TeraMetrics, LoanCube and BrokerSwift service front office and middle office teams in asset management, hedge funds, wealth management and syndicated loans business.

StoneRock is an enabler, who support and allow entrepreneurs to build strong successful “FinTech” businesses, and in parallel offer our financial services clients access to these innovative software based solutions to solve their business problems.

Accredited with the SWIFTReady Corporate Actions Label, the XSP solution suite offers a range of deployed, hosted and SaaS-based solutions that help automate the corporate actions processing lifecycle, including data sourcing and cleansing, position monitoring, notification and response, and entitlement processing. The suite includes the XSP v5 platform for large multi-tenant enterprises, XSPrisa, a SaaS-based solution for small to medium enterprises and XSP GO!, a suite of customizable user interface components that includes mobile applications.

The Beast Apps (tBA) is a Financial Technology leader that helps build, expand, integrate and migrate clients’ Pre-Trade, Trade and Post-Trade systems, deployed in a data centre or the cloud. tBA’s The Beast® is a latest, state of the art, scalable, extensible, robust and mature framework with the performance to deliver data, analytics, trading, post trade or regulatory compliance applications, in browser, Excel, desktop or mobile devices.

TickSmith, with its TickVault platform based on hadoop technology, is a leader in Big Data applications for the Brokerage ecosystem and financial services.
TickVault is used for data centralization and distribution, market surveillance, strategy discovery and analytics. It is ideal for trading and risk groups, regulators, exchanges and data vendors who need to accumulate, transform, analyse and disseminate larger scales of financial data from multiple sources.

Al Karmal Stock Exchange is an integrated institution brokerage services provided to its customers as best to help them achieve the highest gains with less exposure to the risks.

Deutsche Börse Market Data & Analytics is the competent partner for the creation, diffusion and marketing of high-quality information on the international markets. It's comprehensive and independent data document market developments.

Chancellor Publications Ltd is a specialist publisher of professional reference texts for use by experienced practitioners and laymen alike. The company is based in London, with offices in the United States.

Corporate Actions.net is the online hub for everything about Corporate Actions.

Exchange Guide.net provides a single point of access to an independently structured compliance database containing global Exchange contract policies and pricing.

Investment Tools Ltd. is a London-based Fintech startup specialising in dividend forecasting since founding in 2011. The Woodseer dividend forecasting data-set is a partnership between EDI and Investment Tools.

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