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Exchange Data International - About Us

Since 1994, Exchange Data International (EDI) has been helping the global financial community make informed decisions with high quality securities reference data, corporate actions and end of day pricing services.

With comprehensive reference data services from Exchange Data International, you can:

  • Alleviate the need for manual input and the possibility of human error
  • Have fast access to fast, accurate, timely and affordable reference data services

Furthermore as Exchange Data International has close relationships with software and data partners you can be assured that its reference data is the most up to date.

Exchange Data International covers all major markets with special emphasis on emerging and frontier markets that are Africa, Asia, Far East, Latin America and Middle East.

Choose reference data from Exchange Data International and you will benefit from:

  • A niche firm that is flexible in its pricing
  • A professional client management team that delivers the lowest cost of ownership whilst at the same time being the most responsive to client requests
  • Services from a company whose on-going commitment to providing cost effective reference data solutions, whilst at the same time ensuring the highest standards, has been rewarded the internationally recognized symbol of quality ISO 9001

Contact us to find out how Exchange Data International can help you with your securities reference data, corporate actions and end of day pricing needs.

Download the company's leaflet or the full service overview.

Exchange Data International is compliant with GDPR. To read our GDPR Compliance Statement please click here.

Corporate Behaviour

EDI subscribes to the following business principles:

  • To supply safe and reliable products and services which are not only ‘fit for purpose’ but which also meet clients’ needs and requirements.
  • To continuously develop and improve our products and services.
  • To respond promptly to queries and requests for information from customers.
  • To properly collect, use and manage customers' information and where applicable all personal data.
  • To comply with all applicable laws and regulations and to pay due consideration to the environment.
  • To endeavour to manage relationships with suppliers as partnerships based on mutual understanding and trust.
  • To comply with any and all laws and regulations enacted for the purpose of maintaining free and fair competition.

Human Rights

  • As a company, EDI has clear responsibilities to support and uphold the basic principles of human rights which form the foundations for freedom and justice.
  • EDI is committed to valuing each person as an individual and to respecting the differences in each person's character and personality, based on a fundamental respect for human rights.
  • EDI undertakes to respond promptly to any acts that infringe upon the basic human rights of its employees and its stakeholders. It will take all such actions to ensure the termination of such infringement.
  • EDI is committed to a working environment where all employees may perform their duties creatively and efficiently, in a safe and comfortable working environment.

Bribery and Corruption

Bribes and all such similar payments, must not be offered, promised, given, accepted, condoned, knowingly benefitted from or demanded. There are no exceptions.

Please note that the giving of and the receipt of such payments are equally prohibited.

Whilst we believe that, given the nature of our business and the markets in which we operate, each one of us will recognise ‘a bribe or similar payment’ in the event that such an unlikely situation arises. Nevertheless, we set out a helpful definition of what constitutes a bribe or illegal payment: "To make or offer, or to accept, either directly or indirectly, any payment or anything of value, whether in the form of compensation, business entertainment, gift, contribution, gratuity, or other form, that is illegal or unacceptable under generally accepted sound business practices."

Contingency Plans

EDI customers can be confident in the knowledge that EDI has a contingency plan in place to ensure they will continue to receive their data in the event of a disaster.

In the unlikely event that EDI's primary office is either inaccessible or ceases to exist, EDI has implemented a number of contingency measures to ensure EDI continually delivers its clients an uninterrupted daily service.

EDI's contingency site (back up office):

  • Is over thirty-five miles from London.
  • Has installed servers identical to the office database server, file server, web server, e-mail server.
  • Is updated twice daily with data and programs.
  • Workstations are checked weekly for functionality.
  • Work stations are equipped for data manipulation, programming and day-to-day business maintenance.
  • Has in place: UPS, firewall, Internet connection, network, telephones, desks, documentation, tools.
  • Has the latest virus scanning software.
  • Staff can access the site within two hours and begin working straight away. Machines are ready and waiting with the latest data.
  • The two externally hosted web sites; Exchange-data.net (UK hosted) and Exchange-data.com (US hosted) have the latest copies of all EDI data required to provide services.
  • Mail servers are synchronized daily.
  • Mail servers are easily switchable between the main office and the contingency site.
  • Mail is stored and accessed globally by a leading Internet email provider.
  • Information is backed-up on tape and removed off-site on a daily basis.

No vacancies at the moment.

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